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Looks like the pastel hair trend is set to stay as Pixie Lott debuts her new bubble-gum pink locks! Pixie’s trademark platinum blonde locks received a mermaid-esque makeover with the help of Beauty Works custom-coloured candy pink Deluxe Clip-In extensions. At the launch of her new candy coloured Wash-Out Colour collection earlier this month, Pixie took to Twitter to show off her new do.


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Pixie hasn’t been the only one sporting iridescent hues of late. Kylie Jenner’s ever changing chameleon do’s are a constant source of pastel hair inspo, whilst Vanessa Hudgens is a regular champion of the unicorn dye job with a rock chic edge.

With winter just around the corner, we’re loving the transition into the cooler months with ice blue and silvery tones becoming the most sought after shades.

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If you’re wondering how to custom dye your extensions at home, blogger babe @itssabrinaaa shows us how it’s done. She used two packs of Beauty Works Deluxe Clip-ins in shade Darkest Ombre. Follow the steps below to get the look:


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  1. Protect your surfaces from any damage by placing a protective cover over them.
  2. Choose your mix of shades to create the perfect blend of colours. I’ve opted for a blend of fuchsia & violet tones!
  3. Apply the product to the hair extensions – do one weft at a time and separate into sections to stop the colours from merging.
  4. Leave for a few minutes to allow the hair colour to develop.
  5. Finally rinse to reveal your new bespoke coloured extensions.

And voila…


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Whether you’re feeling peachy, partial to parma violet or loving the rainbow look, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found on Instagram and Pinterest. Check out some of our faves!


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