Spring into Spring!

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Breathe new life into your tresses with our top picks for gorgeous spring hair.

Spring is the perfect time for a transformation, so whether you want to switch things up with a colour change, go under the chop or simply try a look, here’s how to do it in style.


The Ditzy Pony


The ditzy ponytail is here. And it’s about to become your new hair obsession. Easy to style and super cute, the ditsy pony will be your go-to effortless summer hair look. If you need a lil extra volume to perfect your pony, try the NEW super skinny Invisi-Clip-in to nail the look.


Dutch Braids


Dutch braids are everywhere and it’s the perfect way to hide bad hair days or unwashed locks. If you’re looking for waist length tresses, then shop the Double Hair Set in 22” for Kardashian-esque vibes.


The Hun Bun


The latest it-girl trend to sweep social media…the half-up a.k.a hun bun. Look chic without looking like you’ve tried too hard thanks to its relaxed vibe. Add in our Double Hair Set to thicken up limp locks like beauty blogger @ohmygeeee, so even with half up in a bun, you’ll still have super thick, flowing locks.


The Out-Stretched Root


Lots of celebrities have ditched the harsh ombre and opted for a grown out root, a much more subtle colour graduation from root to ends. And we’ve got you covered with 5 unique root blend colours to die for! Tape in or clip-in to try these new shades now!


The Double Bun a.k.a Raver Bun


We’re not sure what to call this trend yet? But the bun takes on a modern turn… Double up your buns like Khloe and fill out your own hair with the NEW Hair Enhancer available in 20 colour options.


Which trend will you be trying out this spring?

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