4 Fast & Easy Spring/Summer Hairstyles

4 Fast & Easy Spring/Summer Hairstyles

by Catherine

| April 6th, 2017

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by Catherine | April 6th, 2017


Guilty of never changing your hairstyle, the summer is the perfect time to switch up your look. So try these fuss-free hairstyles for an instant refresh.

The Hun Bun

Messy or sleek; the versatile half-bun is summer’s easiest hair trend! Celebrity fans including Margot Robbie, Khloe Kardashian and J-Lo have all been sporting the look. The ‘hun’ (or the half-bun) is the perfect mix of casual and comfortable. Follow our step by step guide and try the trend at home.

  1. Section the top half of your hair off, from the temple to the crown creating a half ponytail about 2 inches from your forehead.
  2. Start to create a bun shape and secure hair with grips.
  3. Add a clip-in hair extension weft into the bun to thicken out limp locks and create a thicker shape.
  4. Conceal by wrapping the hair extensions and your own hair over the clips.
  5. Done!

Top Tip: Use a root spray to thicken out the hairline and cover not only grey hairs but bald or thin patches around the hairline.

Modern Age Top Knot 

Perfect for second or third day hair, you can wear this hairstyle from day to night. The classic bun never dates but the 2017 version is higher, taller and better than ever. The topknot is officially the modern way to wear pulled-back styles. And we’re not the only ones who love a topknot; Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss all rock the style effortlessly. Here’s how to.

  1. Apply a clip-in extension weft upside down at the nape of the neck. This way, when you comb the extensions into place the hair lies flat to the head.
  2. Secure the hair (with extensions wefts already clipped in place) into a sleek high ponytail.
  3. Split your ponytail into two and roll each section into a twist
  4. Start to wrap one section into a bun shape and secure with pins
  5. To create even more volume and shape, take another clip-in weft and clip in at the base of the bun and start to wrap around the bun
  6. Take the other section of your own hair and use to conceal the extensions.
  7. Secure with pins.
  8. Done.

Top Tip: Use the Beauty Works Boar Brush to brush back any fly-aways and get a smooth sleek finish. Not only is it designed for hair extensions, it’s an award winning brush for styling.

Barley there Waves

This year, the idea is to look like you’ve barely put any effort into those waves, which is good news for most of us! To be on trend this year, go for soft, random waves that have a windblown effect to them instead of the polished waves we’ve been used to seeing. The key to nailing the look is using the right hair extensions, product and tools. Simply read here to try at home.

  1. Section hair and start to clip-in hair extensions to achieve full volume.
  2. Spritz some Heat Protection Spray.
  3. Use a curling wand to curl the hair loosely, we recommend the GHD wand.
  4. Take small sections of the hair at a time but avoid curling the last 2 inches at the ends.
  5. Shake out the hair with a dry foam spray or texturing spray to give the hair a lived-in feel.

Top Tip: Take a GHD flat iron to soften or relax random curls and smooth out the ends with the Beauty Works Argan Serum.

Boho Braid

Fast and fuss free, this soft feminine style is an easy style to try this summer. The perfect poolside glam hairstyle to keep the hair away from the face.

  1. Take your set of clip-in extensions and clip-in one weft as you normally would as shown below from ear to ear.
  2. Then take another weft and divide into three sections and make a braid.
  3. Arrange the braid across top of your head in a halo effect and secure into your messy bun.
  4. Pull down your front pieces to give more of a relaxed vibe.

Top Tip: Fluff up the braid for a more messy look and spray in some dry foam shampoo for texture.

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