4 ways to wear hair extensions for beginners

4 ways to wear hair extensions for beginners

by Catherine

| January 26th, 2018

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by Catherine | January 26th, 2018


If you’re sick of being stuck in a hair-related rut, sick of limp, lacklustre hair that never seems to grow, then hair extensions might be just the thing for you. The days of cheap extensions which don’t blend with your hair and don’t look natural are long gone.

We say fake it til you make it!

Our advice? Invest in quality hair extensions that are going to transform your hair and the way you feel. They may cost you a little more but its well worth it.

If you have Short Hair

Admit it, we’ve all had some level of hair envy over Kim K’s perfectly sleek blunt bob, but we might not have the natural thickness to pull it off and much like Kim she relies on extensions for her many hair transformations.

However, some of the most natural looking extensions are not actually used to ‘extend’, rather they’re used purely for thickness without adding any extra length. Often extensions are used to disguise bad haircuts, broken or damaged hair or even add highlights to specific areas around the hairline.

The best option for you will depend on whether you want permanent extensions (i.e. applied by a salon professional) or a clip-in option you can apply yourself at home.

If it’s a permanent option you’re after then meet our Slim-Line Tape extensions.

Our fastest salon application service, you’ll be in and out of the salon chair within the hour, not only that, they are completely discreet due to the flat design of the tape-in pieces. And yes – you can wear your hair up I hear you cry! An experienced hair extensionist will angle all your hair extensions to how you wear and style your hair so they fall exactly how your natural hair lies.

For a quick and easy clip-in option try the 16” Deluxe Clip-Ins. Add in extra hair wefts that are pre-clipped in the click of a finger. If your hair has been bluntly cut, then you might find it harder to blend your hair extensions with your own hair. To work around this, take your hair extensions to a hair salon to get your hair stylist to cut and blend them whilst they are clipped in.

Half-up Half-down Do

This style has been Khloe K’s go-to recently and how do you think she achieves that voluminous look? Yep, extensions from yours truly. Check celebrity stylist @andrewfitzsimons recommending our clip-in extensions to achieve her signature style.

With half of your hair up in a pony or messy bun, it’s hardly surprising you might need a bit of extra help bulking out the bottom layer.

For this kind of look our 18” Double Hair Set Clip-Ins or Hair Enhancer are perfect for adding that much needed extra bulk. At 180g per pack the Double Hair Set will add ultimate volume, whilst the Hair Enhancer is perfect for a beginner. It’s almost as thick as the Double Hair Set but all the hair is compacted onto one clip-in piece so it’s very quick and easy to apply in one simple movement.

High Ponytail

No one wants a limp pony right? The high pony has become a red carpet staple recently, but adding in some clip-in extensions before pulling the hair into a ponytail can really help achieve the A-list look at home (minus the glam squad).

We recommend our Invisi- Clip-Ins or Invisi- Tape for this look as their flat ‘invisi’ design means that they lie flat to the head and the actual weft mimics the hairs natural root growth so they appear to be growing from the scalp! They’re practically invisible to the eye and a massive favourite with our celebrity fan base on the red carpet.

For Luxe Length

Thanks to the likes of J Lo, Demi Lovoto, Cardi B and Kim Kardashian-West, mermaid lengths continue to be a massive trend for 2018. If you’re going to try the trend this year then be sure you get it spot on.

Start with the thickness and finish of the hair extensions. Don’t go over the top with thickness as it will be too hard to manage. Try weft extensions in either 22 inch or 24 inch.

The finish; ensure you get a good cut and style, add layers to ensure the blend and cut is modern. Always see a professional hair extensionist to cut and blend the hair into your own hairstyle.

Want to try the trend temporarily then opt for our Double Hair Set in 22” the hair comes with six pre-clipped wefts ready to apply and contains 220g of luxury salon quality hair.

Hair extensions are a big commitment and require time and patience in order to look after and maintain them correctly. Before having a set of hair extensions fitted we recommend a consultation with a #BeautyWorks certified stylist to ensure you get the right match for you.

Fancy trying out extensions with a complimentary consultation? We provide hair to over 2500 salons in the UK! Visit our salon locator HERE to find a salon near you.

For any help with colour matching take a look at our Hair Colour Chart or email [email protected] for a personalised colour match.

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