Beach Please! Summer Haircare to Keep Your Locks Looking Luxe

Beach Please! Summer Haircare to Keep Your Locks Looking Luxe

by Catherine

| June 12th, 2018

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by Catherine | June 12th, 2018


Summer is officially here and we’re ready for sun, sea and sand – but is your hair prepared? Everyone wants that beach babe look but make sure you’re in the know about the potential damage being in the sun can cause for your own hair and hair extensions. Read our top tips on how to keep your locks looking luxe this summer and get your hair vacay ready.


High chlorine levels in swimming pools have potential to cause discolouration and damage to your hair extensions. No one wants that telltale greenish tint to their hair, so avoid fully submerging your extensions whilst swimming, particularly with blonde shades. Chlorine content also strips the hair’s natural lubricant, sebum, leaving your hair dry and brittle.

Salt water 

As salt is a natural dehydrator, sea water and hair extensions don’t mix well! The high salt content causes hair to become extremely dry, discoloured and difficult to manage. Even on your own hair the sea water is very harsh as it strips away the natural sebum, but as hair extensions do not produce or receive sebum from the scalp, they can become particularly dry.

UV rays

We all know the dangers of UV rays to our skin but have you thought about the impact on your hair? UV strips the colour and moisture from your hair extensions, causing them to become dry, frizzy and more susceptible to breakage. Wearing a hat to reduce exposure is advisable as well using protection on the hair such as a UV spray.

Hard water

Hard water is the name given to water which has a higher level of alkaline/mineral content. This depends on where you are in the world, with certain locations worse than others. If you go abroad and experience a higher level of alkaline than what your hair is used to, it can cause colour to fade or turn orange/pink in tone. The build-up of iron content in water over time will mean you need to have your hair coloured or hair extensions toned or neutralised with specific shampoos to counter-act the discolouration.

So now you know the risks here’s how to combat summer hair damage…

Wash & Protect

Investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner is vital for keeping your hair and hair extensions in top condition. Our Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo and Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Conditioner use specially formulated Argan Oil fortified ingredients to nourish and repair, leaving your hair with a glossy finish, full of body. Argan Oil is extremely rich in nutrients, including fatty acids and vitamin E, scientifically proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier.

Nourish & Replenish

With high exposure to heat, humidity and sun on holiday, it’s important to keep your hair conditioned and hydrated. Giving your hair some TLC is vital during the summer months, to prevent hair from becoming damaged. Our range of Argan Oil fortified haircare products are rich in Vitamin E, Beauty Works Argan Oil Serum is a daily usage product that locks in moisture to stop dryness, enhancing the hair’s natural shine, without weighing down the hair. Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Mask is a premium leave-in hair conditioning mask, created with a blend of argan oil, keratin and proteins to maintain and revive your hair. Great for clip-in extensions or professional extensions, this mask provides a deep nourishing treatment to repair split ends, rejuvenate hair and boost shine.

UV Shield

 The chemical reaction between chlorine and sunlight causes discolouration to chemically coloured hair. You may have noticed that after you come back from holiday your hair colour has been altered by the sun – this is EXACTLY the same for your hair extensions, which are also chemically coloured. Try to keep your hair out of direct sunlight, where possible, by wearing a hat. A UV spray is ESSENTIAL for summer haircare and the Beauty Works Ten-in-One Miracle Spray is your go-to product. The ultimate multi-tasking hair product, it works to nourish, repair and protect your hair, whilst providing superior heat protection against harmful UV rays. Coming in both a 250ml bottle and a handy travel size bottle, it’s easy to transport from pool to beach.

Heat Barrier

You will probably be styling your hair more often in summer with events like weddings, festivals and vacations, which inevitably means you’ll be using heated tools more .The heat of summer is already damaging to your hair, but adding heated styling tools into the mix puts even more strain on your locks. Using a Heat Protection Spray will help, not only with damage to the cuticle, but it will prevent the hair from changing colour. This is particularly noticeable with mid shafts to ends, where you will hold the styling tool for a longer period of time. Keep using your fave tools without worrying about damage with Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray, also available in travel size. Apply to damp or dry hair during drying, straightening and tonging to protect and replenish.


Beauty Works Dream Shine is a heat-activated preventative treatment for your hair. Our specialist formula acts as a humidity shield, sealing individual hair cuticles and split ends to fight frizz and fly-aways, coating the hair with a dream-like polish for super shiny, healthy looking locks. After shampooing and conditioning, apply Dream Shine to damp hair and blow-dry to activate.


Coming soon: Beauty Works Anti-Yellow Shampoo. Keeping your blonde hair blonde can be an endless struggle with sun, chlorine, hard water leading to harsh, brassy tones in the hair. When you return from holiday and find your hair has potentially gone a warmer tone, a toner can be used to counter-act yellow tones. Hair toner is a low peroxide deposit only colour, used to neutralise unwanted tones in the hair.

For example:

Green neutralises Red

Blue neutralises Orange

Violet neutralises Yellow

They work by cancelling out colours opposite to them on them on the colour wheel. Always seek professional advice from a trained hairstylist before toning or using anti-yellow products on your hair or hair extensions.


Use a Boar Bristle Brush to detangle the hair, spread natural oils and minimise breakage. Never sleep with your hair wet… ever! Hair is more vulnerable to tangling when wet, whilst also being heavier when wet, making breakage more likely. You will do more potential damage to your own hair and the hair extensions if you don’t brush out and dry your hair off straight away.

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