Beauty Works Invisi®-Tape extensions have WON!

Beauty Works Invisi®-Tape extensions have WON!

by Sammi C

| July 13th, 2018

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by Sammi C | July 13th, 2018


Beauty Works hair has done it again! This time we’re super stoked to announce that our Invisi®-Tape extensions have won ‘Best European Hair Extensions’ by the Hair Awards 2018.

Worn by an army of influencers and celebrity fans including our babe Demi Lovato.

Wondering how to achieve your long hair goals?  Check out some of our reasons why Invisi®-Tape is the answer to longer, thicker locks.

Quick and Easy

Tapes are quick and easy to fit, with a full head taking less than one hour

Minimal Maintenance

The tapes need to be moved up your hair and reapplied every 6-10 weeks taking into account any hair growth, but the same hair is reused for up to a year making it very cost effective

Invisible & Flexible

They fit discreetly and comfortably under your natural hair

 Easy to Style

They can be worn in any hairstyle if positioned correctly, so NO visible bonds in a high pony or messy bun

Fab Colour Blends

Multiple shades can be blended for multi-dimensional colour

Lightweight and Non-damaging

They grow out with your hair and don’t pull or tug

Check them out for yourself here

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