Beauty Works’ Top 6 Tips for Winter Hair Care

Beauty Works’ Top 6 Tips for Winter Hair Care

by Alice Clayton

| March 13th, 2018

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by Alice Clayton | March 13th, 2018


It may be officially Spring but someone hasn’t told the weather! We all want healthy, shiny hair all year round but cold temperatures can leave your locks looking anything but luscious. Say bye to dry, lacklustre hair with our top 6 tips to outwit the elements, and make sure your hair extensions last longer through the winter months.

1. Add Extra Moisture

The key to winter hair care is replacing the moisture stripped from your locks by the harsh weather. Just as your skin can feel the effect of cold temperatures and strong winds, your hair can easily become dehydrated, losing its essential oils. To help combat this, start treating yourself to a weekly hair mask to nourish and revitalise dry hair extensions. Shop the Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Mask which is specially formulated to deeply moisturise and restructure all hair types. Apply to clean, towel dried hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends, combing through for even coverage. Leave for five minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water, for revitalised, full-bodied locks.

2. Don’t Fear the Heat

You may be trying to retain your hair’s natural moisture, but there’s no need to stop using your favourite styling tools. Protect hair from the drying effects of heat with Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray on either dry or wet hair extensions. Lightly spray through the mid length and ends, before drying, straightening or curling, combing through to ensure even coverage. Guaranteeing a luscious finish with healthy looking shine that protects and replenishes the hair.

3. Brush Regularly

Never underestimate the importance of simply brushing your hair! Brushing through at least three times a day is key to keeping your hair healthy during the winter months. Try the Beauty Works Large Paddle Brush, our mixed bristle brush which increases natural volume and minimizes hair damage. Want something specifically designed for heat? Our Beauty Works Boar Bristle Blow Dry Brush is optimised for blow drying, with the barrel brush design giving a professional blow dry effect wherever you are.

4. Shampoo Twice

Always shampoo your hair twice! The first wash won’t remove the full build-up of dirt and leave your hair looking dull. Try our Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Shampoo, which maintains healthy hair’s shine and body by adding enhanced moisture. Apply to wet hair and massage to a lather through the ends of the hair, rinse off and repeat. Follow with the Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Conditioner.

5. Blast Your Hair With Cold

If you can brave it, blast your hair with cold water at the end of your shower. A cool rinse helps to shut the cuticle down so the hair is at less risk of future damage, as well as increasing shine and glossiness.

6. Ditch The Towel

Avoid towel drying your extensions however tempting, to prevent the hair from tangling. Instead use a blotting movement before blow drying, focusing on the root areas first where the bonds are attached, which need extra care due to becoming weaker when the hair is wet.

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