Five hairstyles you HAVE to try this summer. (Like, seriously!)

Five hairstyles you HAVE to try this summer. (Like, seriously!)

by Catherine

| July 13th, 2016

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by Catherine | July 13th, 2016


1. The Hun Bun

There’s a new bun in town and it’s called the ‘Hun’. The perfect mix of casual and comfortable, it’s the style that says ‘I’m trying, but not too hard!’

Top Tip – Add in your hair extensions; if you’re using clip-in extensions place them upside down and style them upwards into the bun, that way they will blend in better with the style.

2. Spice Girl Buns

When Khloe K debuted her spice girl inspired do, the throwback to 90s chic sent social media into meltdown. Because who doesn’t want to look like Minnie Mouse, right?

Top Tip – Go skinny with our skin wefts, they blend into the hairline and are virtually undetectable. #girlpower

3. Beach Waves

Season after season the beach bombshell never gets old. And this summer is no different with all the A-listers getting on board. Cue Gigi, Kylie & co.

Top Tip – Apply longer length extensions and use a wave spray for a textured look. Spray the extensions whilst wet and leave to dry for a beach vibe. Our favourite beach spray is the Ouai wave spray.

4. Ditzy Pony

New and improved: The vamped up version of the classic pony. Style it up with some lived in waves and add a lil volume at the crown. Et voila… the ditzy pony.

Top Tip – A day old messy hair is great for this style. Make this hair look your second or third day style after your blowdry.

5. Dutch Braids 

Probably the trickiest of the bunch but the results are worth the extra effort. Make your hair your best accessory with a slick double dutch look and watch Tashie’s video to find out how.

Top Tip – Add in longer length extensions like the 22” Double Hair Set to lengthen the braid and thicken out the hairstyle. Angle the wefts and apply them at an angle above the ear so they blend in well with the braid.

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