Girls night in? We got you. ALL the essentials you need for you and your Galentine.

Girls night in? We got you. ALL the essentials you need for you and your Galentine.

by Kate Stanley

| January 30th, 2020

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by Kate Stanley | January 30th, 2020


We all know Valentines is that time of year for loved up couples to pack on the PDA, but who needs date night when you can spend valentines with your gals? It’s the PERFECT opportunity to soak up all that positive energy, so grab that fizz and ensure girls night in leaves your hair feeling as pampered as you.

You deserve some TLC and so does your hair. After washing your locks. towel dry your hair and use our Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Mask on the Mid lengths and ends. The mask is the perfect combination of organic Argan Oil and Milk Protein, and will ensure each strand of hair is left feeling nourished, new year, new mane girl. Leave this on for 5 minutes (enough time to refill those prosecco glasses) and rinse off using warm water.

Want that Dreamy glossy shine? Our Dream Shine acts as a humidity shield for your freshly washed hair, sealing each individual strand, leaving your hair with a dream-like shine and polish.

After towel drying, apply Dream Shine to damp hair. Divide hair into small sections, spraying each section as you go through, avoiding the root. Use our Beauty Works Beach Wave Comb to ensure the product has been distributed evenly and your locks will have that dream sheen for up to 3 weeks.

ALWAYS make sure you use Heat Protection on your hair, EVEN when blow drying, It’s a simple step, but you wouldn’t believe how many of us forget. It helps replenish and protect you hair and ensures it stays tangle free.

Use our Heat Protection Spray on the Mid length and ends of the hair to ensure a smooth and grease free mane.

One last step to ensure your hair is looking seriously sleek. Remember your hair will always be that crown that never comes off. So protect your hair with our Beauty Works Argan Serum It is designed to lock in moisture, revive your style and enhance your hair extensions.

Apply a small amount of serum to clean, towel dried hair before styling.

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