Hair Hacks: How to Clip-In Your Extensions

Hair Hacks: How to Clip-In Your Extensions

by Catherine

| February 7th, 2017

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by Catherine | February 7th, 2017


Extensions can get a bad rep for being noticeable and fake but it’s worth remembering that you only know someone is wearing extensions when they are noticeable and fake, but what about all the girls wearing extensions that you would never know about? Because trust us, there’s plenty of them! Here’s our top 5 hacks for being one of those girls. This is your guide to wearing hair extensions the right way!

1. Choosing the Perfect Shade

When it comes to colour matching, always, always, always colour match to the ends of your hair (not the root) as this is where the extensions will need to blend with your own hair. If you’re struggling to find your perfect hue, send us a snap of your hair in natural lighting to [email protected] and our colour matching technicians will get back to you with your perfect match.

2. Backcomb the Roots

Do you have trouble with your extensions slipping? Then this is the tip for you. Section the top half of your hair off and use a comb or backcombing brush to tease the root as shown, then spritz with some hairspray before clipping the extensions in. This will give your hair that much needed texture to give the clips something to grab onto, making sure your hair extensions stay in place securely all day.

3. Get your Angles Right

This is a great tip especially if you have shorter hair or lots of layers; clip the shorter wefts in the pack on an angle around the front of your face. This technique gives you a much softer, more natural look by creating a feathered effect around the face. Much more flattering and eliminates any tell-tale signs of blunt extensions which don’t blend with your own hair.

4. Clipping in

Make a clean sectioning line from ear to ear, straight across the back of head and secure the top half of the hair up out of the way. Again, backcomb the hair just below the sectioning line and spritz with hairspray, then take the longest wefts in the pack and clip them in here. Repeat this process with the other wefts a couple of centimeters above.

5. Styling

Once you have applied all the wefts and released the top section, brush the hair through to blend and now it’s time for the fun bit, styling. Take your curling wand or straighteners, whichever you prefer to use for styling and taking small sections at a time, begin curling the hair away from your face. You can curl your extensions on a hanger before applying them if you find it easier but if you apply the extensions first then curl the extensions and your own hair together, they’ll blend seamlessly – you’ll barely be able to tell them apart.

A waved style is the best way to conceal the hair extensions as the extra texture makes blending much easier than with straight hair.

If you’re still struggling with getting that perfect blend, it’s a good idea to take your clip-ins along with you next time you visit the hairdresser and ask your stylist to cut them in to match your own hair exactly.

And voila, the finished look. ‘Hair extensions, what? No way!’

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