How To Attach Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Attach Clip In Hair Extensions

by Drew Johnson

| May 29th, 2020

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by Drew Johnson | May 29th, 2020


Are you currently sitting at home dreaming about having a thicker, longer mane, but can’t get to a salon for your stylist to work her magic? We hear you, gurl! Don’t panic, our Double Hair Set Extensions are here for you. Our thickest clip-in extensions yet, these double drawn clip-ins are designed to maximise volume and lie discreetly under your natural hair to achieve super long, thick hair from the comfort of your own home. Unsure on how to attach clip in hair extensions? Read our top tips and tricks for the perfect blend…

TIP #1

Tease the hair.  

Section your hair into 4 even layers. Starting at the bottom, make sure your hair is brushed through and isn’t tangled. Next, backcomb the roots of each layer so the hair extensions have a firm grip, this will allow the extensions to be able to anchor onto your natural hair without slipping. 

Clip-in Hair Extensions

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TIP #2

Super Hold. 

Meet your new best friend – Beauty Works Super Hold Hairspray. Spray onto the backcombed section of your hair to grant extra security for the clip-in extensions. The spray will also control and set the hair when styling for a longer-lasting effect.

Beauty Works Hairspray

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TIP #3


It is important that you save the narrow extensions for the top of the hair, so start with the wider extension pieces to create a fuller, thicker, more natural look. Attach to the backcombed section of hair using the metal clips at the top of the weft. When this feels secure, move onto the next section and repeat the process.

Double Hair Set Clip-in Extensions

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TIP #4

Style those locks.

Our range of clip-in extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, so they can be styled just like your natural hair for a seamless blend. Whatever your fave hairstyle, we’ve got you covered to help switch up your look daily. We recommend using the new Flat Iron Wave Bar for dreamy flat, S-shaped waves. The flat 38mm barrel creates ribbons of cascading curls for quick and easy styling.

Flat Iron Wave Bar 38mm

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TIP #5

Oil up. 

Once styled, use the Beauty Works Argan Serum to finish off the look. Designed to rejuvenate and restore your locks, this will have your hair feeling smooth and looking super shiny. Use1-2 pumps and comb through using our Beauty Works Beach Comb and watch your hair shine. 

Argan Serum

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And that’s it – now you’re ready for those virtual plans this weekend, babe! Want more? Check out The Secret to Bouncy Waves.

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