How To Blend Hair Extensions Into Short Hair

How To Blend Hair Extensions Into Short Hair

by Drew Johnson

| June 3rd, 2020

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by Drew Johnson | June 3rd, 2020


Short hair? No problem. If you’re ready to transform your bob or lob into long dreamy locks in an instant, then we’ve got you covered babe. It’s no secret that it can be challenging to blend hair extensions with short hair, so we’ve put together some of our top tips and tricks to help you to seamlessly blend your Beauty Works extensions for that natural look. 

Here are 4 easy steps to follow;


Choose the perfect shade

Finding the perfect shade is a super important step for blending your hair extensions into short hair. With over 32 of the most sought after colour blends, we are sure to match you with the perfect shade. 

Beauty Works Colour Match

Contact our team on our Instagram or Facebook page to receive your free colour match today. 


Choosing your hair length

We have a wide variety of lengths from 14″ through to 28″. Not sure which length to go for? Grab a tape and measure from your roots to your ends to find out the length of your natural hair. Then choose the length of extensions that you feel is right for the look you’re trying to achieve.

If you want a professional opinion, contact our team on our Instagram or Facebook page for advice on length.


Hair extension types

We stock a range of different extension methods, but it’s important that you choose the best method for you. If you’re looking for an instant transformation from the comfort of your own home, then our range of clip-in extensions will be your new best friend. The Beauty Works Award-winning clip-in hair extensions are the ultimate DIY extension system. Our double hair set will add both length and thickness – a key part of blending short hair. The double drawn wefts will help to create a seamless blend for serious mane envy.

Need some top tips on how to apply these? Head over to our recent blog post on how to apply clip-in extensions.

Double Hair Set Clip-in Extensions

Show off your new hair on zoom & shop our Clip-In Extensions range here.

If you’re after something more permanent, then check out our range of professional extensions. From our 14” celebrity choice wefts for adding depth and thickness to our 28”slim-line tapes for creating that mega mane, Beauty Works has the perfect method for you.

Celebrity Choice Wefts

For help choosing which method is best for you and your hair type, we always recommend contacting a professional stylist. Use our salon locator to find your nearest Beauty Works certified salon.


Care for your hair.

Maintain your extensions from home with our range of premium haircare designed specifically for different hair types and shades. We recommend using our Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil mask weekly and are formulated to deeply nourish and restructure all hair types. We also recommend our Argan Serum for a rejuvenating treatment that is formulated with a blend of the finest Argan oils to deeply nourish hair and leave it healthy-looking with ultimate shine. After all, healthy, nourished hair will blend better with healthy new extensions.

Beauty Works Haircare

Shop our mask and oil range here.

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