How to Care for your Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home

How to Care for your Clip-In Hair Extensions at Home

by Catherine

| November 11th, 2016

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by Catherine | November 11th, 2016


Back to Basics

Whatever your hair type, every good hair day starts in the shower so make sure you’re investing in the right shampoo and conditioner. With so many options out there it’s difficult to know what to opt for but particularly with extensions, when you’ve invested your money in your hair, make sure you invest in a product which is going to look after them properly.

The Right Shampoo

Not only is the packaging any minimalist’s dream (bathroom cabinet goals!) but our shampoo has been specifically formulated for extensions! Enriched with milk protein and argan oil it will provide the nourishment your hair craves, particularly at this time of year, leaving your hair feeling revitalised and full of shine.

We know how tempting it is to reach for the dry shampoo but not only can dry shampoo dull your hair colour, it can cause major product build up if used excessively – And any extension fan will know, a product build up is bad news! It can cause your extensions to matte and tangle so it’s super important to wash and care for them regularly.

(Remember if you’re a pre-bonded extension wearer, opt for the sulphate-free version available here. The sulphate version is perfectly fine for your own hair, wefts or clip-ins but the sulphate will break down the bond and could cause shedding.)

The Right Conditioner

Of course with any great shampoo you need a great conditioner right? Apply our Pearl Nourishing Organ Oil conditioner generously through the mid-lengths and ends of your own hair and your extensions to keep your tresses in tip-top condition.

Remember it’s extra important to use an intensely nourishing conditioner on your extensions as they aren’t attached to the head so don’t receive any vitamins and minerals through the root as your own hair would.

Available in 3 sizes including our NEW salon sized bottles

The Right Brush

Again, designed with extensions in mind, our brushes are all made using natural boar bristles. Renowned for polishing and maintaining the hair’s condition, the boar bristles distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair keeping them well nourished.

The combination of natural boar bristles and nylon pins are designed to glide over the root of your extensions without snagging or catching, whilst reducing static and gently de-tangling the hair.

The Right Mask

A mask is essential for providing that extra boost of nourishment for your extensions. Take 15 minutes out of your routine once a week to apply our Pearl Nourishing Mask generously through the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions to keep your extensions soft and supple and maintain optimum condition. Your hair will thank you for it!

Do a cold water rinse

This really helps to keep the hair smooth. Cold water lays down the outer layer of the cuticle and helps prevent moisture loss and snags as well as heat damage. Hot water can in fact be quite damaging to hair extensions and will even fade the colour of more vibrant shades so avoid very hot showers when washing your hair, and instead keep the water temperature warm. Finish with a cold water rinse – you only need to do this for a few seconds, but it makes all the difference.

Use a protective oil treatment

Hair extensions don’t have natural oils like your own hair, so make sure you use treatments to keep them well nourished. Add a pea-size amount of argan serum on mid-lengths and ends of your hair extensions to seal in moisture and smooth the cuticles down.

Top Tips for Easy Styling

Loose Waves

If you’re having a tough time blending your significantly shorter hair with your new extensions, try loosely curling the hair. You can style them on a ‘clippy’ hanger before they are applied. Use a large curling wand or barrel tong such as the GHD Soft Curling Tong. Take each section and wrap around the wand for up to 6 seconds, then release.

Remember to spray your extensions with a heat protector before any kind of heat styling – this will help them last longer.

Just like your own hair, the more heat you use, the more your own hair can break or snap. Hair extensions are exactly the same, so don’t use heat-styling tools daily. If you give yourself a fierce waved look on Monday, rock it out on Tuesday and by Wednesday do a high ponytail. Making your style last a few days will really help prevent damage and pro-long the life of your hair extensions hugely.

Top Knot

It might sound strange but a top trick when applying extensions to an up-do is to apply the clip-ins upside down. This means the extensions will lie flatter to the head as the weft is going upwards in the same direction as the hair when it’s swept up into a top knot. Apply only one or two wefts just to thicken out your hairstyle and create fullness and shape.

High Ponytail

You can also apply clip-in extensions to your pony to add length and volume. A favourite with session stylists, this trick is often used on the red carpet.

Simply style your ponytail into position. Take up to two wefts and wrap them around the base of your ponytail securing with the clips. Once fixed into place, take a small section of your own hair and wrap this around the base to conceal the clip-ins.

Shop all aftercare, specifically designed for your extensions.

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