How to Colour Match Your Human Hair Extensions

How to Colour Match Your Human Hair Extensions

by Catherine

| December 20th, 2016

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by Catherine | December 20th, 2016


It goes without saying that one of the most important aspects of buying new hair extensions is getting the colour match right. A dodgy colour match is one of the biggest tell-tale signs someone is wearing extensions!

With so many options available it can be daunting trying to find the perfect hue for you.

Not sure on your shade and need hair inspo? Take top tips for your tresses from some of the world’s leading beauty influencers and select the tone closest to your natural hair colour.

Dark Tones

Enhance brunette hair with our collection of irresistible dark tones. Ranging from the darkest of ebony to the warmest of chocolate browns, our collection embodies the true elegance of brunette hair.

Multi-dimensional Blends

Our collection of multi-dimensional blends allow you to use both highlights and lowlights to create a multi-tonal effect. Great for achieving depth and dimension, these tones can bring naturalness to the hair together with radiant shine.


Our 5 hand-painted balayage colourways and 5 root colour blends are amongst our most popular shades, fusing browns and blondes together to create a flattering sun-kissed colour result. Create chemical-free highlights with the placement of these multi-tonal shades throughout your hair.


Discover the latest alluring spectrum of cool ash blondes taking inspiration from Scandinavian heritage, to our warmer sun-kissed golden tones which add a warmth and glow to the complexion. Every strand is hand coloured offering mirror shine and long-lasting beautiful tones.

Top Tips for Colour Matching

  1. Always colour match from mid-lengths to the ends. Never match from the roots as this is not where the extensions will need to blend with your own hair.
  1. Try our root blend colour collection. A darker root blends more seamlessly into the hairline especially as a lot of us are slightly darker at the root and if you wear your hair up, the root collection solves the problem of any pesky wefts being visible.
  1. At home colouring; if you find your extensions are still not exactly the right shade for you, you can dye them up to two shades darker at your own risk, but we highly recommend that you don’t lighten them at all as they have already been through a chemical bleaching process.
  1. Adding ombre/balayage; you can add an ombre or balayage effect by selecting from our balayage or root colour collection. With careful placement of extensions, this allows you to add colour or highlights to your hair without the need for a dye job.
  1. What tones suit your complexion? Most of us will have a prominent colour in our hair. From warm golden tones to cooler ash tones, it’s key to think about what tone your own hair is in order to colour match your extensions and get the most natural blend.
  1. Blonde hair can be trickier to match as it has a wider spectrum of colours. The majority of our hair is multi-dimensional, meaning the shades are mixed with more than just one tone to create a more authentic effect which is much easier to colour match to your own hair. Shop our wide selection of blondes here.

Still not sure on your shade? Well don’t panic, we offer a personalised colour matching service. Simply send us a snap of your hair to [email protected] and our colour matching technicians will get back to you with your perfect hue!

Just make sure 1. Any images are taken in natural lighting (ditch the Insta filter, just this once!) and 2. Make sure the ends of your hair are visible as this is the part we need to colour match.

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