Master The Wave

Master The Wave

by Catherine

| October 27th, 2017

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by Catherine | October 27th, 2017


Whether you’re after curling tongs for long hair, curling tongs for fine hair or curling tongs for short hair, we’ve got you covered!

We’re taking curl inspo everywhere, from red carpet to runway this season.

There’s a HUGE variety of waves you can achieve with our hair extensions range and styling tools.

The Hollywood Wave

If big bombshell waves are your thing, listen up. Especially you gals with super long locks. Our wide-barrelled extra-long wand gives that large loose wave reminiscent of those on the VS catwalk. Hold the curl for slightly longer to make the curl more defined and let it drop gently off the wand. Only brush through when it’s completely cooled.

The Effortless Wave

This is your go-to if you’re lusting after that supermodel approved ‘I woke up like this’ wave. Think Gigi off-duty, that kind of vibe! Super natural and relaxed. Hold the hair on the wand for only a few seconds and brush the hair out with your fingers immediately after curling to get this au-naturale look.

The Beach Wave

Love the look of undone beach waves? Us too. We’ve brought out the tool you need for creating that s-shape mermaid look reminiscent of a day spent in the surf. The key to this look is a texturizing spray to mimic the effect of salt-soaked tresses. Taking small sections at a time, clamp the tool near the root, hold for up to 10 seconds and continue clamping as you move down the hair.

The Lived-In Wave

Somewhere between Chrissy Teigen and Kendal Jenner is the sweet spot for this look. Not too messy, not too glossy cool-girl waves are the style we’ve been waiting for. Slightly less defined than the beach wave (above), simply hold the clamp for less time for a more laid back style. Quick, easy and minimal effort required works for us!

You wanna go in heavy with the texturizing spray to sass up this look. Try the Beauty Works Wave Maker.

Top Tips For The Perfect Curl

For insta-worthy waves, check out our pro tips to recreate this style, which looks good on pretty much everyone.

  • Curl the hair away from your face for the first few sections on each side, then begin alternating the curl in opposite directions. This adds more texture and makes the style more effortless.
  • Taking smaller sections will create a tighter curl pattern and larger sections will create a looser curl pattern. Experiment with the size of your sections until you find the perfect curl size for you!
  • Ensure you have soft-looking curls with tonnes of natural movement! Instead of curling your hair all the way to the ends, leave the ends straight for a more natural, carefree, cool girl style.
  • Once all hair has been curled, run your hands through the ends and shake it up to soften the wave and give a more lived-in feel
  • Always use a heat protection spray when you curl hair. Working with heat protection is vital to the health of your hair. Heat doesn’t just dry hair out, it can destroy the integrity of the inner structure of the hair, and even decrease the longevity of that beautiful colour that you invested in.
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