Michelle Keegan spills her best kept hair secrets….

Michelle Keegan spills her best kept hair secrets….

by Alice Clayton

| October 22nd, 2015

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by Alice Clayton | October 22nd, 2015


Michelle Keegan spills her best kept hair secrets….

Miraculous Mane:

Michelle used our 10-in-1 Miracle spray to keep her hair looking and feeling super healthy and oh-so shiny all summer long, despite her non-stop jet setting lifestyle!

“It gives the hair ultimate nourishment and conditioning. It is also a heat protector spray and helps to prevent those pesky split ends!”

Michelle Keegan

Turn up the volume:

Thought it was impossible to get a big, bouncy salon style home blowdry? Well think again! Michelle is loving our new Boar Bristle Barrel Blowdry brushes.The barrel curl blow drying brush with boar bristles delivers frizz free, natural drying. Optimised for blow drying, this barrel brush is made to achieve a professional blow dried effect.

“Beauty Works have developed these great ‘Boar Bristle Professional Blow Dry Brushes’. The brushes definitely help improve on my usual home blow dry and are worth an investment!”

Michelle Keegan

Top Tips for a perfect DIY Blowdry

  1. Roughly dry your hair, removing excess water with your fingers.
  2. When 80% dry, use your Beauty Works blowdry brush to style.
  3. Section the hair ready for blow drying, wrap the first section around the barrel brush and use your hairdryer to dry.
  4. Once the hair is dry, use the cool setting on your hairdryer to set the hair into shape.
  5. Repeat this process through all of your hair.

Get her big day beauty secrets here

Michelle’s wedding hair was styled by go-to hair guru Lisa Laudat. Lisa who uses Beauty Works hair extensions in her session kit used the Beauty Works Deluxe Clip-in Extensions in shade Raven (2) to add extra body for the ultimate bridal hairstyle. Lisa gave us her top tips on how she created the look:

“I suggested soft luxe waves framing her face, with her hair gently pulled back on the top to create height and structure… then doing a gorgeous blow out to keep the hair looking glossy and then I clipped in some hair wefts to make sure that Michelle’s style lasted for the all day celebrations.”

Lisa Laudat
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