Molly-Mae’s Hair Secrets REVEALED!

Molly-Mae’s Hair Secrets REVEALED!

by Alice Clayton

| June 24th, 2019

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by Alice Clayton | June 24th, 2019


In the midst of last night’s tweets on Maura’s bust up with Tom, Molly-Mae’s dreamy mane has been a huge trending topic with the nation collectively desperate to know how Molly gets her hair to look SO good.

Well look no further, we’ve got everything you need to know on how to get Molly-Mae’s hair.

Shop her Extensions

Molly is wearing Beauty Works 20″ Celebrity Choice Nano Bond extensions in the villa in a blend of shades ‘Ivory’ & ‘Iced Blonde’. This micro ring extensions method features a small, lightweight nano bond – virtually undetectable within the natural hair and lying flat against the head. This is why Molly-Mae’s extensions have been completely invisible within her own hair, with no extensions poking out when she wears her hair up in her signature, high bun or when she styles her hair into that insane crown braid. The flexibility of the nano bond allows the extensions to move naturally alongside your own hair, giving huge versatility over hairstyles, with no style that can’t be done.

Correct Placement is Essential

Placement is key when it comes to achieving Molly-Mae’s look, no one wants to have bonds poking out of their fave updos, especially when you’re trying to catch the new boy’s eye by the pool. Always ensure you speak with your stylist before getting your Nano Bond extensions fitted so they can take into account any factors which may affect placement, such as your parting and most-worn hairstyles. You can view the full list of certified Beauty Works salons and search your nearest stockist via our Salon Finder.

Aftercare is Key!

Aftercare is crucial to maintaining the condition of Molly-Mae’s hair, just like your own natural hair it can become damaged in the sun, particularly with exposure to UV rays, salt water and chlorine. Molly-Mae took two bottles of Beauty Works 10-in-1 Miracle Spray into the villa with her, which contains 10 key ingredients to help  nourish, repair and protect her extensions in the sun. We spoke to Molly-Mae’s hairdresser who told us she made Molly promise to use this on her hair every time she washed it. You can also buy this in a 50ml travel size bottle – perfect hand luggage size on vacay!  

Sun cream is also a huge no-no when it comes to maintaining your extensions. Chemicals within sun cream can cause discolouration & dryness to both your natural hair and extensions, which is why you’ve probably noticed Molly-Mae keeping her hair off her face in her signature, high bun. You can also try our new After Sun Collection, a four product range designed specifically to protect hair extensions from sun damage.

Keep Colour VIBRANT

Molly’s ice blonde shade is fast becoming one of our favourite colours for summer, but how does she keep it looking so ashy? Exposure to UV rays and chlorine can cause blonde hair to develop warm, brassy tones which do not an ice queen make. Keep your locks looking fresh like Molly’s with a purple shampoo, to neutralise yellow hues back to a cool, ash finish. Molly regularly uses Beauty Works Anti-Yellow Shampoo.

Waves for Days

Wanna know how Molly-Mae gets those incredible blow-out, bouncy waves? Molly uses the Beauty Works Professional Styler, our extra long barrel wand, perfect for curling longer length hair and extensions. Watch Molly-Mae’s full tutorial using the Professional Styler here – she also wears Beauty Works 22″ Double Hair Set clip-in extensions in shade ‘Iced Blonde’.

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