Most Talked About Hair of 2015

Most Talked About Hair of 2015

by Alice Clayton

| December 28th, 2015

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by Alice Clayton | December 28th, 2015


The start of a new season is the perfect time to update your hair situation. Here, we break down our favourite Celebrity hairstyles of 2015.

Ready for a hairstyle shake-up for? From waist-length locks to effortless waves, we’ve tied up hottest hair trends to inspire your new look.

First up, we have hair chameleon Kylie Jenner – from dramatic cuts to crazy colours, Kylie is definitely our mane muse of 2015. From short and dark to Barbie blonde, then to the many mermaid shades that Kylie has rocked this year, we are excited to see what 2016 brings. Kylie is not afraid to use wigs or hair extensions to change up her look.

Channel your inner Kylie and snap up a set of clip-ins to allow you to change up your length and colour as often as you change your mind – try our Double Hair Set Clip-in Extensions in 22” for ultimate lengthy locks.

Rita Ora has sported some show stopping looks this year and her signature blonde locks have definitely been surprising. She uses extensions to change up her look to add both length or volume, depending on her mood. Whilst wearing hair extensions used to be something that you didn’t shout about, Rita is not afraid to switch up her locks with the use of weft hair extensions. Try Celebrity Choice Weft Hair Extensions; from 14”-24” you’ll be sure to find the hair you want to try next.

Beyonce’s Met Gala grand entrance was certainly memorable as she pulled out all the stops with this power ponytail in May. Let the hair do the talking and try using Beauty Works Sleek Ponytail, which simply wraps into your own ponytail to thicken up limp locks.

If you’re not sure about a ponytail piece, backstage stylist Patrick Wilson says “Try a clip-in weft and simply apply it upside down so that when you sleek back your own hair, the clips will lay in the same direction as your own hair. Polish the hair with a Beauty Works High Shine Spay to give an ultra high shine.

Khloe Kardashian’s tresses have been the envy of most of us here at BW HQ, we love how her hair has evolved over the years. Most recently, she debuted a blonde ‘lob’ that everyone went absolutely crazy for. Khloe’s effortless waves makes our lust list for 2015! For adding in volume to your ‘lob’ try the Quadruple Clip-in Hair Extensions for filling out limp locks. If it’s that perfect creamy LA blonde hair colour your craving, than shade Champagne Blonde is the perfect cool blonde blend.

Last but not least, we can’t deny the sliver hair trend has been a HUGE hit for 2015, and take note, the trend is here to stay. With blondes now taking a more ashy, cooler approach, certain celebs even supporting a complete granny grey vibe.

Go grey and try out the trend using shade Platinum or go granny chic with shade Sliver.

We LOVE, but are you brave enough to take on the trend?

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