Olivia Palermo – Weekend Hairspiration!

Olivia Palermo – Weekend Hairspiration!

by Alice Clayton

| October 21st, 2015

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by Alice Clayton | October 21st, 2015


Olivia Palermo’s stunning hairstyles are all the weekend hair inspiration you need.

Olivia Palermo is pretty much everyone’s number one hair crush, right? Her hair is always so shiny, glossy, healthy, swooshy and chic. So imagine our delight when we discovered she used our extensions for a red carpet event to create a super stylish messy braid.

Olivia’s hairstylist, Lacy Redway is an avid user of Beauty Works. Lacy used our Deluxe Clip-in Extensions to achieve the stunning textured braid that Olivia wore at the NYC Ballet back in May.

Here’s how to get the style siren’s braid! Olivia’s French braid was lengthened by using Beauty Works 18” Deluxe Clip-in hair extensions to puff out the plait. To get the look, use a volumising spray at the roots to ends for lift and texture before blow-drying. Then, pull the hair up at the crown and begin a standard three-strand French braid at the crown. When you reach the mid-lengths, switch over to a four-strand braid for a cool, rope like effect.

Undeniably, Olivia’s hair is always flawless, and we’ve gathered some more of our favourite Palermo looks:

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