The NEW BLONDE TREND…. you need to know about!

The NEW BLONDE TREND…. you need to know about!

by Catherine

| June 16th, 2017

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by Catherine | June 16th, 2017


Most of us like to go a touch lighter and brighter when it comes to our hair during the summer months. And this summer, ash blonde is officially having a moment. Out with yellow, brassy tones and in with shades that literally illuminate and highlight blonde hair.

Flattering on an array of skin tones and eye colours, ash blonde tones are sweeping Hollywood and these are the celebrity looks to consider before your next salon appointment.

J Law is the latest recruit to the join the pearlescent white blonde crew. This ultra-cool tone compliments skin with pink undertones and help to give the illusion of minimizing redness.

Keep the trend modern and totally low maintenance by adding a dark root that softly diffuses into a lighter shade of blonde. Try new shade Arctic Blonde for a pure clean blonde.

If an all-over cool shade isn’t for you, take hair inspo from supermodel Gigi Hadid, with subtle highlights in shades of taupe and wheat giving a natural earth-toned effect that compliments her skin tone.

Contrasting roots enhance both warm and cool complexions, with multi tones throughout. Basic blondes can accentuate their look with pearl-esque tones and lighter and brighter highlights through the ends. Meet Scandinavian Blonde complete with a natural root.

Lighter ends are so in rn. But if like Poppy Delevingne you’re a natural blonde who wants to go that bit brighter towards the ends, we’ve got the perfect shade.

If you’ve got that natural blonde root, go for extensions in Norwegian Blonde to get that naturally sun-kissed effect.

Yep, Jennifer Anniston still kills it. This is how highlights should be done. Beautifully blended colour which looks expensive and enhances your natural hair.

New shade Viking Blonde uniquely provides a blend of highlights unlike anything else you’ll find on the market when it comes to extensions.

You don’t have to choose a solid colour to achieve trendy blonde hair. Add in extensions that have an ashier blonde end to achieve a dazzling effect that brings in fabulous dimension. Try root contrast shade Bergen Blonde for a low maintenance kind of blonde.

Time to try a new blonde shade? If you’re unsure of what shade to opt for, be sure to give our team an email on [email protected] and they will be happy to help!

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