The Valentine’s Secret to Bouncy Waves

The Valentine’s Secret to Bouncy Waves

by Hannah Harrison

| January 27th, 2020

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by Hannah Harrison | January 27th, 2020


With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, most of us will be headed straight from the office to our V-day plans. Thinking of a perfect date night with your significant other or maybe hitting the town with your best gal pals? Whatever your plans, we all know the perfect Valentine’s outfit needs the perfect accompanying hairstyle, and we’ve got you covered. Enter: The Professional Styler ! This award winning tool will take you from profesh to sesh (and beyond!) and we can promise you it’s one must-have tool every girl NEEDS in their life! Featuring an extra-long barrel for even the longest hair, and a variable heat control to suit all hair types, this wand is the BFF of hair tools.

6 simple steps to get these go-to date night curls;

  • Apply some Beauty Works Heat Protection to your hair before you begin. We wanna protect our hair from getting frazzled and ensure it stays healthy, so this is a crucial step before applying any heat.

  • Section your hair and use the Professional Styler to start curling the bottom layer. Everyone’s hair is different but as a general guide, we’d recommend setting the heat around 180 degrees.

  • Take about 2 inches of hair at a time, and curl away from your face. Hold for a minimum of 10 seconds.

  • Allow the curl to release into your hand, hold it while it cools, then allow it to (gently) fall into the bounciest curl. Repeat on each section until you’ve completed your full mane.

  • For longer lasting results, pin each curl as you go to allow it to fully cool and set. Feeling dedicated to the cause? Wear it pinned to work – there’s no judgement here, babe!

  • Once your hair is fully curled and cooled, use our boar bristle brush to gently brush out the curls. Finally, set with the Beauty Works hairspray for a look that will last from desk to date night!
Beauty Works Professional Styler curling wand

Top Tip: The key to this hairstyle is thickness and volume so if you struggle with fine hair and curls that just never. stay. in. try picking up a set of our 100% human hair clip-in extensions. Our award-winning clip-in collection is available in 16”-22”, for instant length & thickness in a whole range of tones and shades. Don’t worry babe, we’ve got you covered!

Wanna watch the tutorial? Hairdresser Graeme Donnelly shows us just how easy these waves are to create…

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