How to get Victoria’s Secret Hair

How to get Victoria’s Secret Hair

by Alice Clayton

| December 7th, 2015

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by Alice Clayton | December 7th, 2015


As the Victoria’s Secret fashion show returns to our screens we thought we’d put together the ultimate guide to getting the bombshell look, and the good news is you don’t have to be a supermodel to have Kendall Jenner-esque hair! Learn how to here with Beauty Works guide to VS waves.

Stylist, Patrick Wilson, from the prestigious Harvey Nichols-based Electric Hair salon gives us the top tips for trying the VS hair at home.

To recreate the angel look you’ll need:

  • Beauty Works Large Paddle Brush
  • L’Oréal Volume Riche Styling Mousse
  • Beauty Works Heat Protection Spray
  • L’Oréal Texture Dust
  • Beauty Works Clip-In Double Hair Set
  • GHD Classic Curve Tong
  • L’Oréal Air Fix Hair Spray
  • Beauty Works High Shine Spray

The Prep

Start by brushing the hair through with a paddle brush. “The Beauty Works boar bristle one is great for removing any tangles without pulling the hair or snagging on your extensions if you have a weft or pre-bonded hair extensions”

Saturate the hair with Volume Riche mousse section by section and spritz the ends “Use Beauty Works heat protection spray, then blast the hair dry with the hairdryer. You want the hair to have some guts to it, so be quite generous with applying the mousse.” Once the hair is completely dry sprinkle some L’Oréal Texture Dust into the roots and massage through. This gives great hold for the clip-ins to anchor onto the natural hair.

“For a true VS-inspired look, the extensions should be cut to the same length as the natural hair. None of the angels wear extensions for length, it’s all about creating extra thickness and volume!”

Use Beauty Works Deluxe Clip-in Extensions or the Double Hair Set to pad out your own hair and create body. Choose a length that’s going to blend in with your own hair and don’t go to long. Select a shade that’s close to your natural hair tone or for a balayage effect like Alessandro Ambrosio use the Balayage Colour Collection.

Building the VS wave

Starting at the front of the head, take small to medium sections and curl the hair using a tong away from the face in classic VS style.

For perfect styling, “Hold each section for 6-8 seconds then twist up into pin curls whilst it’s still heated, securing with clips. This allows the hair to cool down and set into its new shape, meaning the curl will last much longer.”

Carry on repeating this pattern throughout the entire head.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 10: Gigi Hadid gets ready backstage before the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Armory on November 10, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Dress it out: 

Time to dress out the hair “take the pin curls down starting at the nape of the neck. Shake the look out with your fingers, then by using a wide tooth comb pull the curls outwards to create more of a seamless wave.” Finish with a Shine spray for a glossy effect, try the Beauty Works Shine Spray £12.99

5 Top VS Hair How Tos:

  • Get body! For extra oomph on the roots, use a dry shampoo to give texture.
  • Get the right curl! Curls don’t have to be perfect, the hair needs to look ‘lived in’ to ensure the end result is more natural-looking rather than uniform even waves.
  • Get the right hair! Use Remy hair extensions as this type of hair maintains the cuticle making the hair extensions look softer, shinier and can blend in with your natural hair.
  • Get the right brush! Use a boar bristle brush as this helps make your hair look fuller.
  • Wash right! For hair to be full, it has to be free of residue. Conditioner softens hair but weighs it down, so make sure you avoid conditioner at the roots.

Make sure you check out the show for some high-octane hair inspo and try out Patrick’s top tips to ensure your tresses are dressed to perfection.

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