Trend Alert: Braids

Trend Alert: Braids

by Alice Clayton

| February 19th, 2016

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by Alice Clayton | February 19th, 2016


The hottest hairstyle of the moment is boxer braids, aka double Dutch braids!

Also known cornrow braids, they’re the latest hair trend taking the world of Instagram by storm, and after Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and model Hailey Baldwin have all been sporting the look, we think the hairstyle is a must.

Take a look at how to wear braids this season!

Kim Kardashian West has been spotted at NYC fashion week with these blonde braids. Once again, Kim is ahead of the trend! Kim’s latest boxer braid hairstyle was even spotted on the A/W 16 runway during New York Fashion Week.

Braids are big for AW16

Basic braids are defo not on the agenda this year! Tight cornrows and pigtail braids make autumn hair trends and overtly-feminine and intricate creations are on the hair agenda for this seasons coolest hair looks.

Spotted at NYFW

Katy Perry stays on trend with double boxer braids at a pre-Grammy’s party this week, styled by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin(Keep your eyes peeled on Insta as we’ve got a brand new collection launching with Jen Atkin herself in March 2016!)

Model Hailey Baldwin is getting in on the trend. Hailey put her own spin on the style by wearing her hair in a single reverse French braid.

This no-fuss, low maintenance hairstyle, works just as well in the gym as on the red carpet.

Khloe Kardashian ‘instagrammed’ a pic working the Dutch do, again styled by Hollywood stylist Jen Atkin. She wore hers in a tightly braided, wet look style. One thing’s for sure, whether slicked-back and severe or messy chic, we love this look!

Patrick’s Step-by-Step Guide

If you don’t have a stylist on speed dial then take session stylist Patrick Wilson’s top tips on how to get the “Boxer braid” hair look at home.

Step 1

Clip in hair extensions to thicken out the braid and add long length. Try the 22” Double Hair Set in your closet colour match. Depending on how thick and long you want the braid you may want to just use two wefts on each side of the head rather than a full pack.

Step 2

Once your hair extensions are applied, ensure the wefts are covered by your natural hair. Smooth down any fly away’s with Beauty Works Argan Serum and hairspray. Divide the hair into two sections using a tail comb to create a strong centre part.

Step 3

Make a triangle section at the top of your head, now and then divide the hair into three sections.

Start French braiding tightly and close to the scalp using the hair from this section, add hair from the left and right as you go along, work down the scalp until you reach the mid-ends.

Step 4

Once you reach the base of the neck, keep braiding until you reach the bottom and secure with a hairband.

Repeat on the other side, making sure you take similar sized sections to be consistent with the first braid.

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